3rd JPEG Workshop on Media Blockchain

JPEG committee started an activity around the emerging blockchain and DLTs in January 2018 and established an Ad Hoc Group to explore what will be their impacts on its past standards, how the standards in progress can be made more compatible for applications that will use both media content and blockchain and DLT components, and if there is a need for the JPEG committee to issue guidelines, best practices or even new specifications either as an amendment to its existing and emerging standard or as brand new specifications.

As part of the Ad Hoc Group mandate, a series of workshops are organised and stakeholders are invited to share with the JPEG committee their views, their experience, their use cases and applications, and even potential technologies. At each workshop, JPEG experts also share with stake holders what they believe are areas in which their existing or emerging standards issued by JPEG can benefit applications using blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Two such workshops have already been organised. You can see below the links to the program and slides of the first two workshops:

A third workshop is organised in the afternoon of Wednesday 20 March 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland at ITU-T premises and colocated with the 83rd JPEG meeting.

To see the announcement and to register, please click on the following link:

The objective is to benefit from proximity of international organisations in the area and share with them the JPEG plans and learn from them about any ongoing efforts or explorations that has been done or is being done in understanding better the impact of blockchain in their respective areas of work.