CPDP 2023 – How to make privacy more user-friendly for the long-term?

“How to make privacy more user-friendly for the long-term?” is a discussion featured by the 2023 CPDP conference.

Already today privacy, data security and transparency are at peril. Legal frameworks vary globally creating loopholes and compliance dilemmas for companies whilst leaving consumers vulnerable and confused as they click through cookie consents and privacy notices. Behind the scenes, the data collected feeds into algorithms that amplify disinformation, hatespeech and discrimination, and is sold to databrokers for use in profiling and micro-targeting. Meanwhile too little data is available for research in the public interest. Now, imagine these challenges on steroids by 2030 as new technologies and actors emerge. How can technological and policy innovation strengthen privacy and protect users more effectively?

This discussion at the intersection of people, policy and technology will engage participants in long-term thinking to help make privacy lastingly more user-friendly, and explore how latest technology progress and new governance models can help to achieve this goal.

Confirmed speakers include notably:

Carmela Troncoso, Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Head of the Security and Privacy Engineering Lab, EPFL, Switzerland
Hanlin Li, post-doctoral researcher, UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, USA
Jhalak M. Kakkar is Executive Director at the Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University Delhi & Visiting Professor at the National Law University Delhi, India
Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor on Justice Policy, European Commission, Belgium