Joint C4DT-CyberPeace Institute-CTEI conference on “Manipulating elections in cyberspace: are democracies in danger?”

Increasingly, reports warn that state-sponsored actors use social media to spread fake news/disinformation in order to sow distrust and create panic during pandemics and create discord and polarized opinions among people on political issues during democratic elections. Adding to this, social media platforms’ algorithms “add salt to the wound” by feeding their users posts which are aligned with their opinion in order to increase their screen time. How serious and how massive is the problem? What are its implications? And what can/should be done about it?

During this forum, organized jointly by EPFL’s Center for Digital Trust (C4DT), the CyberPeace Institute and the Graduate Institute’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI) in Geneva, we will discuss not only the technological aspects of this phenomena, but also the regulatory role executive and legislative branches of governments should play. Societal, economical and geopolitical implications will also be debated.

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