Privacy-Enhancing Technology Summit Europe 2022

Privacy, security, and regulatory constraints create difficulties for data-driven projects. This includes initiatives involving sensitive data being processed, accessed, monetised, bought, sold, shared, aggregated, or analysed.

To unleash the power of sensitive data for these functions, Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs) are being deployed by many different sectors. Industries benefiting range from financial services to healthcare to pharmaceuticals to telecoms to government bodies and include many others. The summit addresses how to make previously unfeasible projects that involve sensitive data possible!

Also, the summit focuses on how to mitigate risks. It focuses on how to reduce the chance of data breaches or data misuse – even by third parties when data is exported, decentralised, or migrated to the cloud.

However, there is a range of PETs that can address these challenges. Choosing which PETs are right for your needs and integrating them into your organisation is not always straightforward.

The Second Privacy-Enhancing Technology Summit Europe introduces and guides you on the different types of PETs so you can:

  • Use sensitive or restricted data to its full extent to meet strategic goals.
  • Enhance data security so that data breaches never happen, no matter where the data is being processed.
  • Facilitate compliance with varying and evolving data regulations concerning PII.

PETs are also known as Privacy-Preserving Technologies and Confidential Computing