7th edition of Foundations of ICT and Digital Trust for Decision Makers course

The revamped course “Foundations of ICT and Digital Trust for Decision Makers” becomes a catalyst for responsible digital transformation. The best way to describe it is through the testimonies from the participants:

    • “I would totally recommend the course. Today, it is a must have for all managers.”
    • “Really fantastic course, excellent preparation and organization, the combination of speakers was phenomenal and extremely knowledgeable.”
    • Ce cours devrait être proposé à un très vaste range de personnes: chercheurs, médecins…
    • This course was an eye-opener!

The 7th edition of this course took place throughout the week of October 31, 2022, in collaboration with the Fondation Lombard Odier. We begin by introducing basic concepts of the digital world and providing insight into digital applications and their building blocks. This prepares the participants for the next modules of the course, as they articulate security and privacy aspects, and the technologies and laws used to protect user data and digital solutions. We also discuss technology trends and cutting-edge research in the digital domain.

The 19 course participants came from NGOs working on human rights, social justice, research or sustainable development, and from public administration.

With 20 specialized speakers, and by channeling their academic knowledge and their industrial expertise, C4DT combined it all for the participants of this course.

This diversity provides a balanced course that combines theoretical knowledge, best practices, governance, hands-on and realistic use-cases.

C4DT thanks all the speakers and their organizations for their contribution to this course.

Last but not least, a special thank you goes to the participants who, through their motivation, their commitment, and their interactions, contributed to writing this success story.