The software from the laboratories attached to C4DT are in three categories: showcase, fresh from the lab; incubator, being worked on by C4DT; market, stable and supported software.


The showcase offers an unfiltered insight into the totality of the laboratories software. Most of the projects are in active development by the laboratories, but by no means ready to be used by external users. gives an overview of the projects that the affiliated labs are working on.


Developed by the DEDIS lab, OmniLedger is a next-generation, high-performance distributed ledger, that can be used with Calypso to store secrets and handle the access rights in a GDPR compatible way.

The current code is available at GitHub:


Developed by the LCA1 lab, Drynx allows its users to get statistics on private data without revealing any of the data itself. This project is used in medical settings, but can be extended to fit other needs where linear regressions are needed from private data.


Developed by the LARA lab, Stainless is a software verification framework for the Scala language, with the added functionality of being able to create Ethereum-compatible code. This means, that you can write smart contracts in Scala, and have the smart contracts being verified by Stainless, before launching your smart contract on Ethereum.


Privacy is extremely important in the medical field. A first step to help hospitals understand the possibility of privacy preserving data analysis is Medco, which allows to do a cohort exploration between different hospitals. All calculations are done on encrypted data, so every hospital keeps its data locally.

See an overview here:


To show how the software from the labs can be used in real world applications, and to test the difference between research and production, we’re constantly working on demonstrators: