Affiliated Laboratories

Laboratory for Computation Security

Theoretical computer science and computer security

Alessandro Chiesa

Scalable Computing Systems Laboratory

Large-scale distributed systems

Anne-Marie Kermarrec

Robust Scalable Systems Software Lab

Scalability and robustness of systems software

Sanidhya Kashyap

Chair SFI-SM

Economics and optimization

Semyon Malamud

Signal Processing Laboratory 4

Image processing, graph signal processing and machine learning

Pascal Frossard

Laboratory for Information and Inference Systems

Machine learning, optimization, signal processing

Volkan Cevher

Data Science Laboratory

Data science and privacy

Robert West

Security and Cryptography Laboratory


Serge Vaudenay

Security and Privacy Engineering Lab

Privacy enhancing technologies

Carmela Troncoso

Image and Visual Representation Laboratory

Image understanding and conceptualization

Sabine Süsstrunk

Salathé Group

Digital epidemiology and personalized health

Marcel Salathé

HexHive Laboratory

Software and systems security

Mathias Payer

Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory

Power systems (smart grids)

Mario Paolone

Programming Methods Laboratory 1

Programming languages

Martin Odersky

Computer Communications and Applications Laboratory 2

Cyber physical systems

Jean-Yves Le Boudec

Very Large Scale Computing Laboratory

Very large scale systems

James Larus

Lab for Automated Reasoning and Analysis

Formal software verification

Victor Kuncak

Processor Architecture Laboratory

Processor architecture and electronic design automation

Paolo Ienne

Chair SFI-JH

Asset pricing and mathematical Finance

Julien Hugonnier