Mar 2024Dec 2024


The Limits of Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing

This project underscores the need for a paradigm shift in data privacy policies, acknowledging the inherent trade-off between data utility and privacy that current Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) cannot fully mitigate. It highlights the limitations of PETs and the systemic responsibility issues within the data supply chain, where technology producers often evade accountability. Consequently, a shift towards a data-use case-centric evaluation framework is recommended, one that prioritizes utility while minimizing leakage through nuanced risk assessments. Finally, the porject calls for greater transparency and a redefined accountability structure in the data sharing ecosystem.

Type Policy
Author Theresa Stadler, Carmela Troncoso, Melanie Kolbe-Guyot
EPFL Laboratory Security and Privacy Engineering Laboratory (SPRING)
Aug 2023Mar 2024

Swiss Digital Service Public: Towards a Digital Policy

The advent of digitalization has profoundly transformed societal and economic structures by reshaping traditional value chains into digital platform-driven networks, impacting various sectors, including public services in Switzerland. This project aims to examine the influence of digital platforms on Swiss public services and proposes recommendations for a digital policy.

Type Policy
Author Matthias Finger, Melanie Kolbe-Guyot
Jan 2023Jul 2023

Cornerstones of a Swiss Digital and Data Policy

This project aims to develop economically based terminology and conceptualizations as well as a sound understanding of digital markets and their regulation in order to propose key values for a Swiss digital policy with a focus on data policy. The resulting framework for analyzing the origins and effects of challenges in digital policy from an economic perspective will then be applied to current political and regulatory initiatives in Switzerland and the EU. Recommendations are derived from this.

Type Policy
Author Matthias Finger