The C4DT Embassy builds relationships with authorities, expert groups and digital initiatives in Switzerland and internationally. It provides technical expertise and support to authorities and collaborates on joint events with our network organizations.

By establishing channels between partners and relevant authorities and associations, the team promotes EPFL and digital trust topics in external networks


Conference on Building Trust in Digital Identities

31/05/2023 14:00 — 18:30

Type of event : c4dt-conference

Governments worldwide are implementing or seeking to implement digital identity (e-ID) solutions to enable economic inclusion, facilitate access to public services, and validate credentials in e-commerce. In developing countries they may also further the UN concept of ‘identity for all’ and support sustainable development goals. However, the safety, trustworthiness, and interoperability of national e-IDs have generated a number of crucial questions. This event brings together stakeholders from Europe, Switzerland, Africa and the International Community to discuss the latest technological developments, explore ways to foster public trust, and promote viable and trustworthy e-ID solutions through multilateral and multi-stakeholder dialogue and cooperation.

Science meets Practice – SACM Annual Conference 2023

21/04/2023 10:00

Type of event : c4dt-conference

IMI has been invited to host a series of presentations during the upcoming annual conference of SGKM (the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research). For this, they are collaborating with C4DT and have chosen the theme of automatic content generation (and detection) and (dis)information dissemination in the digital age, under the working title “AI, synthetic media and society”. The organizers are particularly interested in IMI's interdisciplinary approach and the practical aspect of their projects. The goal is to present the current state of research in computer science, to show that this theme is a breeding ground for interdisciplinary research…

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