C4DT Webinar: Implementation of Private Cloud based on Open-Source Cloud Stack

C4DT Conference on Trustworthy and Sovereign Cloud Computing

Conference on Building Trust In Digital Identities

Finance & Technology Conference on Decentralized Finance

C4DT Conference on Software Supply Chain Security

Cyberattack Reporting Obligation

The Future of Privacy and Data in Wartime (with Chelsea Manning and Carmela Troncoso)

AI & Ethics Week, Session “Regulation & Policies”

AI & Ethics Week, Session “Research”

AI & Ethics Week, Session “Culture and Ethics”

AI & Ethics Week, Session “Culture & Ethics”

AI & Ethics Week, Session “Business Impact”

Crypto-assets & Asset Tokenization

Digital Trust 2025

Zero-trust cloud week

Should we trust digital immunity passports?

Data 2025 v.2.0

Manipulating elections in cyberspace: are democracies in danger?

Critical infrastructures in Switzerland: are they crisis-resilient?

SwissCovid (DP^3T project) – a proximity-tracing app against COVID-19: building trust in a technology solution

C4DT event on Facebook’s Libra project