C4DT Factory Update “Ethical EOF 23.10”

For this Factory Update called “Ethical EOF” we invited Sylvain from Prof. Carmela Troncoso’s SPRING lab. He gave us an introduction to “Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)”. We learnt how it can be used in privacy-preserving technologies (PET). Sylvain presented a use case to us which is federated learning. As FHE allows for performing data analysis on encrypted data, it is possible to analyze sensitive data by a third party without having to share it in the clear.

Project Presentation

After Sylvain’s presentation the C4DT Factory talked about our past and on-going projects in the digital trust area. The first is a project in federated anomaly detection. A second is our participation in the E-ID sandbox from FOITT. The third is the ML leakage workshop in the summer 2023.

Then we presented some of our mid-to-long-term projects: LightArti-rest, a bandwidth-saving tor client for mobile devices. Another project is a new e-voting system from Prof. Bryan Ford’s lab. This project will replace the e-voting system currently in use at EPFL. Last but not least we discussed the life cycle of our projects and in particular how we archived some of our current demonstrators.

One important part of the C4DT’s Factory Update is the discussion of future projects in the upcoming year with our partners. As usual we proposed projects directly taken from the labs as well as projects with other partners, such as our partners in Canada.

We are excited to continue working with our partners and are eagerly waiting for suggestions for new hands-on workshops. These workshops are organized jointly with EPFL labs. Another project idea is digital trust OSS library reviews in collaboration with EPFL labs. We are are looking forward to such requests.

Slides of the Factory Update 23.10 meeting