Matrix on Mobile with OmniLedger login

For some time it was impossible to use the c4dt matrix chat on the mobile phones, as RiotX didn’t work correctly with the OmniLedger login. Now you can use the Element app together with our login to have matrix chat on your phone.


Of course you just want to know how it works:

  • Add your phone as a device to your OmniLedger account
    • On your desktop, go to OmniLedger devices
    • Click on Add Device and chose a name
    • Scan the QRcode with your phone and visit the page
  • Install Element (Android / iOS) and start it
    • On the page Select a Server, chose Other and enter as address
    • Chose Continue with SSO and in the web-app confirm with Login and I trust this address

That’s it, you now have the matrix-chat on your mobile phone!

Why it didn’t work before

The problem is that we configured matrix to use our SingleSignOn login which does not rely on passwords, but uses a signature of a private key to authenticate. This private key is stored in the mobile phone’s browser. However, the previous matrix app, RiotX, used an internal browser, which did not have access to this private key. So the SSO failed and couldn’t log in.

The new Element now correctly opens the mobile phone’s browser, and thus can use the private key to generate a transaction on the blockchain to prove that you have access.

Don’t have access?

If you’re interested in testing it, you can contact Linus and ask for login-credentials.