Maturity Evaluations

The C4DT/Factory works to bring EPFL’s great ideas to our partners. We do so by working on the existing code created in the labs. Because most of the code written in the labs has the goal to create graphs in a paper, it is not directly usable in another project. For this reason we created the Maturity Evaluation. In short, this is a simple Google Spreadsheet. with different evaluations to fill out. At the end we see how the code can be improved. The Maturity Evaluation also gives us an indication of the overall quality of the code: Prototype, Intermediate, or Mature.

The includes the result of the Maturity Evaluations we did so far. Every lab that is associated with C4DT can ask us to evaluate the code of their projects. Then we will add it to the showcase.

The Maturity Evaluation has the following sections:

  • Code – which evaluates the readability and documentation of the code
  • Culture – everything around the code, including setup of the github account, pull requests, issues, and many more
  • Context – paper references, integration with other code

You can get a copy of the spreadsheet here: Maturity Evaluation V0.6 There is also a document explaining the different evaluations and what they refer to: Maturity Evaluation Explainer V0.6

If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me: