Mobile OmniLedger App

For a bit more than three years, DEDIS has been working on a blockchain based on the byzcoin paper. The groundwork has been laid to add client interactions, first as a number of command line interfaces, then a first web-interface, a second interface added by C4DT as a demonstrator, and now, finally, a mobile app that started as a student project in 2018 and got now updated and ported to the latest version of byzcoin.

The app is available on github and is written using the nativescript framework. It is available as a pre-compiled binary on Applivery for iOS and Android. We used it on different occasions, namely:

  • Personhood party at IC3 in February 2019
  • OpenHouse 19 at EPFL in Octobre 2019
  • Course Technologies of societal self-organization CS-234 at EPFL

It connects to the identity-management on the byzcoin-ledger and allows to do the following:

  • scan new users and register them on byzcoin
  • create personhood-gatherings
  • play rock-paper-scissors on the blockchain
  • answer anonymous polls

If you’re interested in having a demo, get in contact with