The Mind for 2020

Every week at our engineers-meeting we have a short presentation of _anything_ we found on the internet that is somewhat work-related and that we would like to share with our fellow engineers. As the team-lead, I wanted to do some short team-building exercise, and I thought about the game “The Mind”.

It is a collaborative game where all players play against the game. Whereas there are very complicated games that take very long to set up and explain, the mind is very simple, but still it allows up to 4 (we also played with 5) players to get to know and to “feel” each other.

So if you want to go for a short 15-minutes game, give it a try!

PS: a no-card version is to have everybody walk in the room and then have people count from 1 to 20. But: only one number at a time, no signs, and if two speak at the same time, you have to start over again.