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The C4DT Factory team proposes technical blog posts on digital trust topics

Trace(r)s on the web – Julia Rebstein

Julia Rebstein, a student from the GymInf program, just finished and presented her project “Trace(r)s on the web – Julia Rebstein“. She explains how different types of cookies fonction, and looks at a 1-week sample of browsing sessions from 10 persons. Under the supervision of Linus Gasser and Sandra Siby,…
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immutable.js, concurrent-safe data structures

Concurrent programming is one the oldest and hardest issues in the Computer Science Book. For years, we have been using locks, big threads sharing the minimum, using optimistic reasoning for "how data will be updated". And we are still stuck with the same issues of some part of the code…
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Why Blockchain is Not Yet Working – 2021

The article Why Blockchain Is Not Yet Working goes over six points - for most of these points, research papers exist. For some of them test networks exist. Only one or two are solved in active main networks.
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C4DT Holds First General Assembly

The founding General Assembly of C4DT was held on Friday, 2 November, in presence of the President of EPFL, Martin Vetterli, and of 50 guests. The 12 partners of the Center said they are keen to apply research to their business needs and regulatory requirements, at a time when digitalization…
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EPFL School Assembly Election Secured by DTOP Blockchain

C4DT's blockchain-based e-voting technology just passed its first real test "with flying colors" during the elections of EPFL's school assembly. The innovative DTOP technology called "cothority" demonstrated that it could be trusted by the technologically demanding EPFL community. Developed by Professor Ford's DEDIS team, cothority enabled the certification of the…
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C4DT Supports Finance Industry Body to Standardize Blockchain

Leading Swiss actors in finance and technology have established the Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA) to facilitate the use of blockchain in financial markets. The independent, not-for-profit association aims to become a key standard setter. EPFL and C4DT supported the development of CMTA and will be represented in its…
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