csky.ai and Egonym join the C4DT through its associate partner program

We are delighted to announce that two additional partners have joined the C4DT community!

For two years CSky Sàrl and Egonym SA will complement the already diverse group of partner companies through their start-up perspectives to collaborate and share insights on trust-building technologies. Their agility and innovation have permitted these start-ups to differentiate themselves in their respective fields:

csky.ai developed the next-generation A.I. assistant built on uncompromising privacy by design. Its private personalized & proactive apps are based on Edge AI technology. It aims at transforming the way personal data are processed on mobile devices and gives the data ownership back to the user by reducing interaction with cloud services.

Egonym is a deep tech company with strong R&D focus on visual privacy protection. It’s technology is based on an end-to-end pipeline that detaches the original identity from an image and alters a person’s appearance so that it is unrecognizable. At the same time, the user can share their original face with people they trust, since the pipeline is also reversible.