DuoKey, Futurae and Nym join the C4DT through its associate partner program

We are delighted to announce that 3 additional start-ups have joined the C4DT community through the C4DT start-up program. For two years Duokey SA, Futurae Technologies AG and Nym Technologies SA will complement the already diverse group of partner companies through their start-up perspectives to collaborate and share insights on trust-building technologies. Their agility and innovation of has permitted these start-ups to differentiate themselves in their respective fields:

DuoKey SA: Cybersecurity. Duokey proposes a key management as a service software to encrypt an organisation’s sensitive data in the cloud. It ensures that no cloud provider or third party can access your keys and data. Duokey uses MPC (Multi-Party Computation) which offers an innovative and distributed way to encrypt. The encryption keys are split thus eliminating the concept of a single private key.
Futurae Technologies AG: Cybersecurity. Futurae provides a user authentication platform for highly-regulated corporates. It uses a range of novel software and hardware-based authentication and transaction signing methods as well as social engineering protection. Anomaly detection for real-time decisioning during log-in ensures seamless authentication for diverse end-users.
Nym Technologies SA: Privacy and data protection. Nym develops a privacy infrastructure to prevent data leakage by protecting every packet’s metadata at the network layer and can also provide privacy at the application layer. Its privacy-enhancing technology provides full-stack privacy and defends network traffic against surveillance systems.

We are looking forward to an exciting and fruitful collaboration.