Blockchains and NFTs are not dead (yet)!

Maya Frühauf of the Education Outreach Department of EPFL asked the C4DT to participate in a 1-day NFT workshop. The Collège Sismondi from Geneva organized a special “semaine informatique” for its students. The C4DT Factory prepared a hands-on workshop to show how to use NFTs. Habiba Zürcher created a project where the students made artwork of different parts of shoes, with the goal of creating NFTs using this artwork.

Linus Gasser from the C4DT Factory set up a hands-on workshop which can be found on github. Members of the Blockchain Student Association of EPFL helped make the workshop go great. The students learned what a blockchain is, how it works, where it can be used, and its limitations. In the practical part, they set up their own wallet using Metamask. Then they got some tokens from the Ethereum Sepolia testnet. Finally they had to put their prepared images into a prepared smart contract in order to create NFTs.

Using their images from shoes, the smart contract created random permutations of the different parts: two different shoes, two different soles, and two different backgrounds. Their work can be visualized in OpenSea. Click on the images to open them directly in OpenSea:

The return of the participants was very positive, specifically because they were able to view their works of art on public sites like OpenSea. Of course they would’ve preferred using the Ethereum mainnet and actually selling their creations 🙂

You can find the instructions, the code, and a link to the presentation for this hands-on training on our github repository:

All files and instructions: Sismondi-nft-2024
Presentation (French) : Blockchains et NFT