C4DT technical training on Calypso

C4DT’s Factory provides a hands-on technical training for C4DT partners on a tool called Calypso. This tool allows to store secrets on a blockchain, and to dynamically update the access control. The hands-on training has been initiated by a request from SICPA. They were looking for a way to store the private keys used in their identity solution based on W3C DIDs.

The Calypso tool helps to delegate access to these secret keys. A user can for example define a set of 5 friends she trusts. Then if the user loses her key, she can ask her friends to generate a new key for her. If 3 or more friends are convinced that the request is valid, the system will create a new key.

Please note that this event is for C4DT partners only.

The event is done over Zoom, and the program is as follows:

June 2nd 2020:
13:00 – Introduction to the problem, explication of the solution
13:30 – More in-depth explanation of the solution
14:00 – Hands-on: participants create their own identities
14:30 – Hands-on: creation of secrets on the blockchain
15:30 – Hands-on: sharing of secrets and recovery of keys
16:30 – Question and Answers
17:00 – End