C4DT Workshop on the difficulties of deploying E-Voting

The C4DT Workshop on the difficulties of deploying E-Voting will take place on Friday June 7th from 10 :00 to 12 :00 in conference room BC420 at the EPFL.

Professors Carmela Troncoso, Bryan Ford and Edouard Bugnion will be welcoming Mr. Denis Morel and Mr. Olivier Esseiva from Swiss Post, Mr. Christophe Vigouroux from l’État de Genève, and Mr. Thomas Hofer formerly from l’État de Genève.

Implementing and deploying highly secure cryptographic protocols is difficult. This informal and educational workshop will address the issues uncovered during the public intrusion test of the Swiss Post/Scytl e-voting solution. We will explain, for a non-technical audience, what were the problems found and why do they matter. We will also draw lessons on how make cryptographic implementations more secure and auditable.

The workshop will have three short presentations (about 45 minutes total):
– Wouter Lueks and Philip Jovanovic from EPFL on the issues discovered and why they matter
– Denis Morel and Olivier Esseiva from Swiss Post explaining their approach and their next steps
– Thomas Hofer and Christophe Vigouroux on CHVote release of code and design philosophy.Each talk will be followed by an open discussion and questions.

7 June 2019, EPFL BC building, room BC420