IEEE Digital Privacy Workshop

Digital privacy has become a top social concern for the expanding digital world. Societies are trying to define and navigate the future of digital privacy and determine technological solutions, new policies, and frameworks needed to protect individuals while maintaining support for digital services. There are several broad areas where the landscape is undefined, where policies still need to be developed, and where IEEE expertise may greatly impact the future of “privacy” on-line. The Digital Privacy Project is exploring how IEEE can best add to this discussion – bringing the perspective of technologists – to help advance solutions to protect personal and private information.

The goal of this 2-day workshop is to facilitate discussion on the definition, scope, and common interests in the area of digital privacy for potential future collaboration. We have distinguished keynotes to stimulate your thinking, policy experts to share their global insights, and standards leaders to discuss privacy challenges. Representatives from the following Societies and Councils will also be sharing their perspectives and work efforts in the area of digital privacy: Biometrics Council, Computational Intelligence Society, Communications Society, Consumer Technology Society, EMBS, Electromagnetic Compatibility Society, Electronics Packaging Society, Power and Energy Society, Systems Council, Systems, Man, Cybernetics Society, and Vehicular Society.

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