Auditable Sharing and Management of Sensitive Data Across Jurisdictions

Date 01/04/2019 - 30/04/2020
Type Privacy Protection & Cryptography, Blockchains & Smart Contracts, Software Verification

Partner: Swiss Re
Partner contact: Stephan Schreckenberg
EPFL laboratory: Decentralized Distributed Systems Laboratory (DEDIS)
EPFL contact: Prof. Bryan Ford

This work aims at creating a Proof of Concept of storing and managing data on a blockchain. This work answers the following two use-cases: (i) compliant storage, transfer and access management of (personal) sensitive data and (ii) compliant cross-border or cross-jurisdiction data sharing.

DEDIS brings to the table a permissioned blockchain and distributed ledger using a fast catch up mechanism that allows for very fast processing of the requests, while staying secure. It also includes a novel approach to encryption and decryption, where no central point of failure can let the documents be published to outsiders (Calypso). Swiss Re brings to the table interesting use cases which will require DEDIS to extend Calypso to implement data location policies.