Production-Readiness Timeline for Skipchains with onChain secrets

Date 01/11/2018 - 31/10/2019
Type Privacy Protection & Cryptography, Blockchains & Smart Contracts, Software Verification

Partner: ByzGen
Partner contact: Marcus Ralphs
EPFL laboratory: Decentralized Distributed Systems Laboratory (DEDIS)
EPFL contact: Prof. Bryan Ford

The DEDIS team created a first version of the onChain secrets implementation using its skipchain blockchain. This implementation allows a client to store encrypted documents on a public but permissioned blockchain and to change the access rights to those documents after they have been written to the blockchain. The first implementation has been extensively tested by ByzGen and is ready to be used in a PoC demo.

This project aims at increasing its performance and stability, and make it production-ready. Further, it will add a more realistic testing platform that will allow to check the validity of new functionality in a real-world setting and find regressions before they are pushed to the stable repository.