C4DT Cloud Initiatives

The C4DT launches 3 different initiatives to promote and enable trustworthy and sovereign cloud computing. They build on C4DT’s Conference on Trustworthy and Sovereign Cloud Computing, which was held in September 2023 at the Starling Hotel in St.-Sulpice, and discussions with our partners and conference participants. Each initiative targets a different challenge:

  1. Knowledge and experience sharing through a series of seminars during which industry experts will share their practical experience and insights gained while working on a sovereign cloud-related project.
  2. Bringing multi-disciplinary stakeholders together to exchange and debate, often politically sensitive, in a neutral and confidential setting through technology & policy roundtables. 
  3. Identifying and showcasing sovereign-cloud-related research projects in Switzerland.

C4DT Cloud Initiatives Calendar 2024

DateTypeTitleFormatRegistrationCollaboration with
29/02/24Knowledge & Experience Sharing SeminarImplementation of Private Cloud based on Open-Source Cloud Stack1h45 onlineOpen
– Cern
28/05/24Tech & Policy RoundtableCritical Infrastructure Data in the Cloud: How to reduce the risk for CH?3h in-person on EPFL campus in LausanneBy Invitation only– NCSC
Beginning of June (tbc)Knowledge & Experience Sharing SeminarImplementation of Multicloud Strategies2h onlineOpen– AXA
– tbd
tbdTech & Policy RoundtableHow to make Multicloud easier?3h in-person on EPFL campus in LausanneBy Invitation only– tbd
tbdTech & Policy RoundtableUser experience in the private cloud: a roadmap for moving cloud workloads from private to public and vice versa3h in-person on EPFL campus in LausanneBy Invitation only– tbd

tbd – to be determined
tbc – to be confirmed