Affiliated Laboratories

Distributed Computing Laboratory

Distributed algorithms and consensus

Rachid Guerraoui

Laboratory for Communications and Applications 4

Data mining and machine learning

Matthias Grossglauser

Decentralized and Distributed Systems Lab

Decentralized and blockchain systems

Bryan Ford

Swissquote Chair

Quantitative finance and risk management

Damir Filipovic

Laboratory GR-FE

Health and genomic information management

Jacques Fellay

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Artificial intelligence

Boi Faltings

Parallel Systems Architecture Laboratory

Cloud computing

Babak Falsafi

Chair SFI-RF

Corporate finance, initial coin offerings (ICO)

Ruediger Fahlenbrach

Multimedia Signal Processing Group

Media Security

Touradj Ebrahimi

Integrated Systems Laboratory

Integrated circuits, quantum systems

Giovanni de Micheli


Asset pricing

Pierre Collin-Dufresne

Dependable Systems Laboratory

Reliability and security in large-scale systems

George Candea

Data Center Systems Laboratory

Datacenter systems

Edouard Bugnion

Embedded Systems Laboratory

Embedded systems, hardware design

David Atienza

Network Architecture Laboratory

Network security

Katerina Argyraki

Distributed Information Systems Laboratory

Semantic information processing in distributed systems

Karl Aberer