Trac(k)ers on the web

Julia Rebstein, a student from the GymInf program, just finished and presented her project “Trace(r)s on the web – Julia Rebstein“. In it, she explains how different types of cookies work, and looks at a 1-week sample of browsing sessions from 10 persons. Under the supervision of Linus Gasser and…

C4DT Conference on Trustworthy and Sovereign Cloud Computing

Issue Brief: International Rulemaking for Tech

Are the international rules meant to regulate software development, [crossborder] sales, marketing, and use, recently adopted or still negotiated in different trade fora globally, including the WTO JSI on ecommerce, reflective of the best interest of the tech? In her issue brief C4DT Digital Trust Policy Fellow, Leonila Guglya, concludes…

Book Review: The Digital Republic. On Freedom and Democracy in the 21st Century (2022)

Susskind, J. (2022). The Digital Republic: On Freedom and Democracy in the 21st Century. London: Bloomsbury, 464 pages. By Melanie Kolbe-Guyot Jamie Susskind’s book, “The Digital Republic: On Freedom and Democracy in the 21st Century (Bloomsbury 2022), addresses the issue of the unaccountable, hence undemocratic, power exerted by Big Tech.…

Docker in research development

Development in research is very different from development in an industrial context. Many popular DevOps tools can nonetheless be effectively used in research development as well. Docker, an open-source containerization platform, is one such a tool. This blog post shows how Docker can help you develop the software needed for…

Book Review: The Platform Society. Public Values in a Connective World (2018)

Van Dijck, J., Poell, T. and M. de Waal (2018). The Platform Society. Public Values in a Connective World. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 226 pages. By Matthias Finger This book is already five years old and probably older if one considers the time of writing, an eternity when it comes…

Little Syster: the first privacy trust index for digital services

Observer 11 Building Trust in Digital Identities

Observer 10 Decentralized Finance

Conference on Building Trust In Digital Identities

Observer 9 Securing the Software Supply Chain

Book Review: Platform Regulation. Exemplars, Approaches and Solutions (2023)

Finance & Technology Conference on Decentralized Finance

C4DT Conference on Software Supply Chain Security

`cargo-tarpaulin`: code coverage for Rust

Coverage? Testing is one of the most important step of code validation. One would argue that an untested code is akin to a rogue program destroying what it can in its way. But what tests the testing? How do you know that your testing infrastructure is indeed simulating most behaviors…

Discovering Nix

What is Nix? I recently had the opportunity to play with Nix, which is a package manager and an OS based on this package manager. Nix is special in the sense that it claims to only make reproducible builds that can’t break the system. But how? The package manager is…

Rust vs. Haskell

  vs. Today we looked at the following article, which compares Rust and Haskell: Even though I did some dabbling in Haskell, I never understood how close the two are. Currently I think I’m quite proficient in Rust, so I can follow the article quite well on that side.…

Book Review: Data Cartels (2023)

Observer 8 The Rise of Ethical AI

Book Review: The Rise of the New Network Industries (2021)

C4DT FOCUS 5 How is China regulating big tech algorithms

Mob programming – Adventofcode Day 12

During the month of December, Advent of Code passes out a new puzzle every day. The daily challenges are a fun way to learn new algorithms and getting to know new ways of programming. In our software engineering team we followed along at least the first half of the programming challenges…

2022 Annual Report – C4DT

Observer 7 Der Service Public im digitalen Zeitalter