Book Review: Digital Empires. The Global Battle to Regulate Technology (2023)

This book offers an in-depth, objective analysis of the three dominant regulatory models for digitalization—market-driven by the US, state-driven by China, and citizen-driven by the EU—and their global impacts on data, digital platforms, and the internet, highlighting the current geo-political struggles and possible future scenarios.

The Swiss Confederation E-ID Public Sandbox Trust Infrastructure

Switzerland’s E-ID journey so far In 2021, the Swiss E-ID law proposition was rejected by a public referendum. The reason for the refusal was due to privacy concerns in the implementation and management of that system. In a nutshell, the idea that a private entity would be in control of…

C4DT Webinar: Implementation of Private Cloud based on Open-Source Cloud Stack

2023 Annual Report – C4DT

Book Review: Trafficking Data. How China is Winning the Battle for Digital Sovereignty (2023)

This book explores China's agenda to establish itself as a cyber superpower through their strategic data governance approach, which, the author Aynne Kokas suggests, could pose a threat to global data autonomy.

C4DT FOCUS 6 How does Big Tech keep us on the hook?

Observer 12 Cloud Computing Sovereignty in Switzerland

C4DT Factory Update “Ethical EOF 23.10”

For this Factory Update called “Ethical EOF” we invited Sylvain from Prof. Carmela Troncoso’s SPRING lab. He gave us an introduction to “Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)”. We learnt how it can be used in privacy-preserving technologies (PET). Sylvain presented a use case to us which is federated learning. As FHE…

Archiving of Demos 2023

Part of the work of the C4DT Factory is the creation of demonstrators (proof of concepts) of technology coming out of the EPFL/IC labs. After two years we archive them and provide you with the means to easily run the demo on your computer instead. That way the demo remains…

Report: Digitaler Service Public Workshop

This report summarizes the key results of the 2. Workshop on Digital Service Public held with 20 stakeholders from Swiss public administration, politics, industry, interest groups, civil society and academia.

Working Paper: Digitaler Service Public

As part of our work on the digital public service in Switzerland, we have written an initial working paper in which we focused in particular on the question of the future of the traditional service public in the context of progressive platformization.

Trace(r)s on the web

Julia Rebstein, a student from the GymInf program, just finished and presented her project “Trace(r)s on the web – Julia Rebstein“. In it, she explains how different types of cookies work, and looks at a 1-week sample of browsing sessions from 10 persons. Under the supervision of Linus Gasser and…

C4DT Conference on Trustworthy and Sovereign Cloud Computing

Issue Brief: International Rulemaking for Tech

In this issue brief, C4DT Digital Trust Policy Fellow Leonila Guglya examines international digital product regulations that are of key relevance to the ICT community, such as mandatory disclosure of source code, use of cryptography, cybersecurity standards, and nondiscrimination rules.

Book Review: The Digital Republic. On Freedom and Democracy in the 21st Century (2022)

In this book lawyer Jamie Susskind addresses the issue of the unaccountable power exerted by Big Tech. Susskind problematizes the fundamental challenges that the engineers who design and control digital technology pose to democratic power and legitimacy.

Docker in research development

Development in research is very different from development in an industrial context. Many popular DevOps tools can nonetheless be effectively used in research development as well. Docker, an open-source containerization platform, is one such a tool. This blog post shows how Docker can help you develop the software needed for…

Book Review: The Platform Society. Public Values in a Connective World (2018)

This book provides and excellent analysis of how digital platforms have become so powerful and so pervasive that they have by now permeated every corner of society and social life to the point that they determine, at least in part, the way society operates.

Observer 11 Building Trust in Digital Identities

Observer 10 Decentralized Finance

Conference on Building Trust In Digital Identities

Observer 9 Securing the Software Supply Chain

Book Review: Platform Regulation. Exemplars, Approaches and Solutions (2023)

This recent book by Pradip Ninan Thomas approaches the phenomenon of digital platforms, digitalization, and Big Tech from a non-Western, cultural perspective, which makes it a very welcome contribution to the study of digitalization.

Finance & Technology Conference on Decentralized Finance

C4DT Conference on Software Supply Chain Security